Apple Announces New MacBook Pro With Intel 8 Generation Processors

Apple announces a new version of its MacBook Pro. Like the previous MacBook range, this device also uses the Touch Bar. The most noticeable update is the replacement of processors using Intel’s 8th generation.

Meanwhile, Apple only makes minor updates to other features, such as using a quieter keyboard when typing for example.

For this product line, Apple issued two variants measuring 13 inches and 15 inches. Laptops measuring 15 inches using a six-core processor Core i7 or Core i9 with clocks up to 2.9 GHz. This clock rate can be increased to 4.8 GHz with Turbo Boost. For storage, there is a choice of 32GB RAM and SSD up to 4TB.

For 13-inch models equipped with TouchBar, Apple offers a model with four core processors Intel Core i5 or i7 with a 2.7GHz clock. Clocknya can also be upgraded to 4.5 GHz with Turbo Boost. Apple also mentioned that this device supports the use of double eDRAM with a maximum capacity of 16GB and SSD up to 2TB.

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Both models now use the TrueTone screen, with a reason to provide a more natural look of colour. There is also an Apple T2 chip for better security and become Siri’s brain that is now present on the Mac. Both MacBook Pro is sold the US $ 1799 for the 13-inch model and the US $ 2399 for the 15-inch model.

Apple also announced a special leather cover for the MacBook Pro. Available in blue, brown and black. This cover price is a quite fantastic US $ 179 for the 13-inch model and the US $ 199 for the 15-inch model. A similar cover is also available for 12-inch MacBooks priced at the US $ 149. Are you interested in owning this product?


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