Not until 1 Year Launched, Apple Plans to Stop Production of iPhone X and SE

iPhone X is the latest iPhone launched by Apple. Although the latest product, it does not mean Apple will continue to produce iPhone X in the future. Even according to the latest news, Apple will stop production of iPhone X.

The discontinued production of the iPhone X does not mean that the iPhone X will be removed from the market. But this is to save Apple’s “finances” as a result of anticipating the presence of a new iPhone to be released in 2018.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing a new iPhone with the design of the iPhone X. No half-hearted, there will be three new iPhone models with the iPhone X design. One of the models will even be sold at a much cheaper price.

Launched from the site 9to5Mac, BlueFin Research today issued an investor note which analysts claim Apple will stop production of iPhone X. Not just iPhone X alone, but also iPhone SE.

BlueFin analysts predict that demand for the latest iPhone will be high because the iPhone product will have many options. Especially for the iPhone model with 6.1 inch LCD screen is priced at a cheaper price.

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iPhone with the largest screen, 6.5 inches will also attract users who feel the iPhone X less. In addition, Apple is also believed to be adding a variety of new features and enhancements in the iPhone are priced the most expensive.

According to a KGI Securities analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo “the remaining iPhone X will be sold at a discount of US $ 899 from the previous price of US $ 999.

The discounted price of the iPhone X is expected to hit the 6.1-inch iPhone with FaceID and LCD screens expected to slide in the second half of 2018 for the US $ 650 and the US $ 750.

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