Apple Watch Series 4 Comes With Larger Screen

Since it was first launched in 2015, Apple Watch is constantly changing. Apple’s smartwatch has entered the 4th generation. This fourth generation comes with a bigger screen than Apple Watch the previous generation.

Launched Express, Thursday (7/12/2018), Apple Watch is claimed to be the best-selling smartwatch. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple recently revealed that sales during the first part of this year are higher than they ever achieved.

Now, Apple Watch will probably get another boost in the form of a major renewal. Rumours are widespread that Apple’s latest smartwatch will get an increase in September.

Reports show a larger design and more health features can fit in this brand-new device. According to the Ming-Chi Kuo record from TF International Securities, Apple may announce two new devices later this year.

This new watch may have a 1.57 inch and 1.78-inch screen, up slightly from the 1.5 inches and 1.65 inches that you find on the current 3 Series models.

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In addition to the larger screen, there is a presumption that Apple will upgrade the health tracking feature into the device.

Companies from the United States has been embedding various features on their wearable devices, but the latest generation can bring to a new level with better heart monitoring.

Some also suggest that the device will feature a feature to check blood pressure and even glucose levels. However, it is unclear how this technology will work or whether it will be ready in time for this year’s launch.

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