Blackfly, Electric Flying Car With Joystick Controller

One of Google’s founders, Larry Page has introduced a flying car made by the Opener company. Unlike other flying cars, the flying electric car called Blackfly does not require the driver to have a pilot license.

Blackfly is controlled using a joystick and can take off and be landing itself automatically. In addition, the curved lower part of the car makes it easy to land both on land and on water.

With eight propellers and two large wings, Blackfly looks like a spaceship in fantasy movies of the 1960s. Quoted from Huffington Post, this car can fly as far as approximately 40 kilometres.

The power can be charged using solar power and fast-charging technology which takes only 25 minutes to charge 80 per cent.

One of Blackfly’s advantages is that it is designed as a very safe vehicle. This car is equipped with a number of backup systems that will work in an emergency. So, if the machine or battery fails to work, Blackfly still has a system that will help it land quickly and safely.

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Although the driver of this car will not necessarily have a pilot license, Opener says every owner has to undergo a series of short training to ride Blackfly.

During this time, Opener worked in a silent building making the car fly for approximately nine years. In that time period, Blackfly has passed more than 1,200 hours and more than 19 thousand kilometres of flight experiments.

The opener has not leaked when Blackfly will be on the market, so is the price. However, one thing to keep in mind is that there is no legal law governing the use of flying cars. This causes the flying car has not been able to operate until now.

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