Evtol, Fly Car with Roll-Royce Artificial Jet Engine Power

A flying car is no longer a fantasy in a movie. Soon the flying car will probably often we see air in the sky. Some technology companies have made flying cars with various futuristic forms. Call it Google that makes an electric fly car named Blackfly.

In addition to Google big companies like Audi, Airbus, and Uber, have developed the concept of flying taxis. Even the competition is enlivened by the British jet engine maker, Roll-Royce.

Noteworthy, Roll-Royce company here is not a luxury car manufacturing but machine manufacturing. As we know Roll-Royce manufactures a number of aircraft engines, and Garuda Indonesia airline one of its customers.

Reporting from CNET, Roll-Royce is currently planning the construction of a flying taxi or electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL). This flying taxi will be able to carry four to five people.

The basic concept of EVTOL is to use gas turbine technology to generate power which is then supplied to six propulsor (propellers) designed to have low noise levels. This turbine gas will generate 500 kW of power or about 670.5 horsepower.

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The EVTOL wings are capable of turning 90 degrees which can make the vehicle to fly or land vertically. EVTOL can use heliport or airport to fly or land.

This futuristic vehicle has the potential to have a maximum speed of 402 kilometres per hour with the ability to roam about 805 kilometres. Roll-Royce believes this vehicle will be ready for use as early as 2020. The further readiness of this model certainly depends on the partners who can support this model.

Figures as promised by other competitors who developed flying taxis. Roll-Royce’s chief of power division Rob Watson said Roll-Royce believes it will be the leader of future flying vehicles.

“With the development of hybrid electric propulsion capabilities, these flying cabs can be available in the early or mid-2020s,” Rob said.

Roll-Royce model flying car design appears in digital format the Farnborough Air Show from 16 to 22 July 2018 takes place in England. The company is looking for partners to provide its electrical system.

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