LINE Corporation Releases Replay Features with Multiple Choices

The LINE Corporation’s recently released LINE Reply feature for messaging applications is highly user-friendly. The feature allows users to quote and answer messages in a conversation directly.

LINE Party explained that the user can also reply to the message simultaneously with the original message. The use of such features is not difficult, just pressing the specific message you want to be answered in the conversation.

After that, the user can select the Reply option that appears on the screen. In addition to finding the Reply option, users can find options such as Copy, Keep, Delete, Forward, Note, Announce, and Capture.

This feature is not only available for text messages, but also photo messages, videos, stickers, and emoji. In addition, users can also take advantage of this feature of their own messages through a similar process.

To use these features, users must update the LINE app to the latest version. The minimal version in order to use this feature in iOS 8.7.0 and Android 8.10.0.

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Not only for smartphone devices, this feature is also available for LINE on PCs and laptops, both Windows and Mac, with a minimal version of 5.8.0. Users only need to right-click the specific message they want to be answered. A similar messaging app, WhatsApp, is already using the feature. How to use is more or less the same and is also available for messages in the form of photos, videos, stickers, or emoji.


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