Mozilla Prepare New Special Android Browser Named Fenix

The company Mozilla Internet browser maker Firefox is rumoured to be working on a new android special browser with the name ‘Fenix. The new browser is aimed at young internet users. Where they are more aware of the current technology.

Mozilla contributors have begun to contribute more actively in this project since June, according to a review of GitHub’s version of history. The list of GitHub was first discovered by Redditor.

There has been no comment from Fenix developers about their plans to commercialize the browser in the near future, the report added.

The reason for developing another browser for Android remains equally unclear from the end of the developers, especially when Firefox remains one of the most popular Android browsers with over 100 million installations to date, according to its official Google Playlist.

Founded in 1998 by Netscape members, the open-source software community currently has three different Android browsers – Firefox’s flagship browser, Firefox’s focused privacy focus, and beta builds Firefox Nightly.

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