New Functions of the Stylus S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is getting closer, and leaks related to Samsung’s latest mobile phone is increasingly crowded talked about. People began to guess what new features the flagship product would offer.

Smartphones to be launched on 9 August is called will be equipped with a stylus S Pen latest models that have Bluetooth features, as used on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. This is because both devices both have Android operating system 8.1 (Oreo).

Reported by XDA Developers, here are some features of S Pen stylus that is expected to be used on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

1. Operate the music player application. S Pen is expected to allow users to play, pause, and skip while listening to music.

2. Operate the camera. Users are expected to be able to snap a camera phone from a certain distance by pressing the button on the S Pen.

3. Unlock the phone. When the S Pen is removed from the cell phone and the cell phone is locked, the user can unlock the S Pen.

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4. Operate a number of applications, although it is unknown what applications will be integrated with S Pen.

5. Open the S Pen application and features by pressing the button on the S Pen.

6. Select and assign the command to S Pen.

However, the certainty of these features must still await the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in about two weeks. In an invitation uploaded to the official YouTube YouTube page, this South Korean company displays a stylus that looks slimmer with metallic yellow.


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