Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon Chipset 855 with Support Connectivity 5G

Qualcomm finally officially introduced its newest series processor Snapdragon 855 at the Summit held in the Snapdragon Hawaii, United States. With the release of this premium processor at once dismissed the rumour that circulated during this time that Qualcomm will use a 4-digit number on its newest processors.


Snapdragon 855, which is the successor to the current generation of 845 Snapdragon, comes with support for 5 g connectivity and a few other features, which are intended to improve the user experience.

The chipset offers 5 g connectivity modem using Snapdragon X 50 5 g belonging to the company. 5 g modem combined with module antenna Qualcomm QTM052 mmWave with trans-receiver integrated RF Receiver, antenna RF front-end, and elements of the antenna.

Octa-core processor has four cores power saving clock at 1, 78GHz, three-core performance clock at 2, 42GHz and the core’s “Gold’s” other speciality to improve the performance of the clock at 2, 84GHz. Combined with 640 Adreno graphics processor, which is expected to improve performance.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 also manufactured using the process 7nm by TSMC. Snapdragon 855 AI Machine also comes with multi-core fourth-generation company that is claimed to be able to offer up to 3 times the performance of AI compared with 845 Snapdragon.

The newly launched chipsets also come with Image Sensing image of the world’s first Computer Vision (CV-ISP) to bring the features of new photo and video capture. For gaming, the company launched the Snapdragon Gaming Elite, a series of features in a mobile platform for the mobile gaming experience.

The company also has announced Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensors — fingerprint sensor solution under the screen that uses ultrasonic waves, unlike the fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the screen using optical light. According to the company, 3D Sonic Sensors more safe and accurate than alternatives.

Most of the high-end smartphone that comes in 2019 will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset 855 octa-core. We will see devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, Motorola, Google, Sony, OnePlus, Oppo, and Vivo starting early next year.

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