With Samsung DeX, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Can Be Performed To Be A Portable Laptop

Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. This series offers updates by increasing the ability of the tablet to be more capable when invited to work. By using the Samsung DeX feature, Samsung offers the experience of using a desktop-like tablet screen.

When asked whether Samsung deliberately adds the ability of the tablet for work convenience to attract users rather than just as an entertainment device, the Samsung explains this device is optimized for work and entertainment.

“Value offered two, entertainment can, work can. (Samsung version) before there is no Samsung DeX. People feel different UI (user interface – view).

Samsung DeX can be activated and deactivated manually via settings. It can also be set to be activated automatically when the tablet is connected to Pogo keyboard accessories. But, when finished typing, DeX display cannot directly change into tablet mode as usual. DeX mode must be disabled manually through settings, a little inconvenient.

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From the look, this product looks beautiful with a SAMOLED screen that displays bright colours. The body is wrapped with glass on all sides making it look elegant. However, like other glass wrapped products, the body is easily dirty by fingerprints.

The beauty of the tablet’s appearance is supported by a thin body. Thinner than SPen included in this tablet sales package. Two of the four sides of this tablet is pinned dual speakers, so there are a total of four AKG speakers installed. In addition, there is also a slot for USB-C, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. There is also a Pogo connector to be pinned to Samsung Pogo keyboard accessories.

The camera sector is not the one favoured by this device. Because the shots are not too special. This device uses a 13 MP resolution autofocus with additional flash for the rear camera and an 8 MP front camera.


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