Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Released and Tough to Play Games

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with S pen

Samsung launched its newest smartphone flagship, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in New York, United States.

This smartphone equipped with a stylus is the next generation of the Galaxy Note 8. In its launch, Dong Jin Koh, CEO of Samsung Electronics revealed that his company is leading a smartphone by finding the latest ways to work, namely using the Note Galaxy series technology.

“We like the Note series because it eliminates the limitations of existing smartphones. Bringing a smartphone to a newer version. And from the device side, it becomes one of the toughest mobile devices,” he explained in the opening of the Galaxy Launc Pack, which was broadcast streaming on Thursday ( 9/10)

Samsung presents the Galaxy Note 9 three weeks faster than the release of its predecessor series. Reporting from Reuters, this was done because of increasingly tight market competition.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a strong performance with two choices of RAM variants, which are 6 GB and 8 GB. Whereas in terms of capacity, this flagship cellphone has two options as well, namely 128 GB and 512 GB.

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This internal memory slot can still be added with a micro SD with a maximum capacity of 512 GB. In addition to performance, like Samsung’s teaser a few months ago, the Galaxy Note 9’s stylus, the S Pen, will experience a significant increase in functionality.

S Pen will be immersed in Bluetooth technology so that it can be used to adjust several functions such as taking photos to adjust the music settings without having to hold the phone.

As promised by Samsung, this brand-new premium phablet sailing 6.4 inches will have a battery of 4,000 mAh. Samsung will release this phone into four new colour variants.

Koh explained that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will launch on the market on August 24th. However, it has not been informed whether all countries get the cell phone simultaneously or not. In addition, prices are still not announced.

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