Scientists Discover the Fast-paced Star in the Universe

Scientists are rumoured to have witnessed a star passing through a black hole. It is claimed to be able to solve one of the mysteries of the universe.

Launch Independent, Sunday (29/07/2018) is also for the first time that Albert Einstein about what happens to the supermassive stars are correct. The theory is called the theory of relativity, which has been foretold by Einstein for 100 years.

The German scientist predicted that the light from the star would be stretched to a longer wavelength by the black hole of the black hole, and the star would appear redder, called a red node.

In detail, Einstein’s theory of relativity proved true in experiments conducted by scientists at the European Southern Observatory. They began monitoring the Milky Way centre area using a super-large telescope to observe the movement of stars near a supermassive black hole 26 years ago. Black hole 26,000 light years from Earth and has a mass of 4 million times the Sun.

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“This is the first time we can examine Einstein’s general theory of relativity near supermassive black holes,” said Frank Eisenhauer, senior astronomer at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics.

He added: “At Einstein’s time, he can not finish or dream of what we show today.”

Scientists choose one star, S2, to follow. With a 16-year orbit, they will return to a black hole by 2018. Over 20 years, their accuracy has improved and in May 2018, they were able to make very precise measurements with scientists from around the world.

This shows the velocity of the star’s orbital rising to over 25 million kph (15.5 million mph).

The star’s wavelength stretches to create itself from the mirror, changing its appearance from blue to red, Odele Straub from the Paris Observatory says.

Scientists are now hoping to read theoretical physics of other black holes.

“This is the first step that has taken place over the years and which we hope will continue in the coming years,” said Reinhard Genzel MPE, who leads the international team.

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