This Grandpa Puts 11 Cellphones on a Bike to Hunt Pokemon Go

The heyday of Pokemon Go online game may have ended. But not for the loyal players, including this man.

It is known, the man is still busy playing games hunting these cute monster creatures on his smartphone.

This man turned out to be no ordinary person. He was twilight, 70 years old. However, this does not stop him from playing games that have triumphed among contemporary children. Thus quoted Metro, Monday (08/13/2018).

Not satisfied with one cell phone, this man known as Chen San-yua plays 11 cell phones simultaneously while hunting Pokemon.

This unique story appears in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Chen was determined to install 11 cell phones to capture Pokemon on his bicycle handlebars. He usually hunts for Pokemon in his spare time.

Still, Want to Add a Cellphone

This man always rides his old bicycle with handlebars that have 11 cellphone units installed. So that the cell phone does not run out of battery, a bag containing the charger is always carried.

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pokemon go

I was so addicted to Pokemon Go, Chen reportedly never returned home before 4 o’clock in the morning.

The surprise made by Chen did not end there. The man nicknamed ‘Pokemon Uncle’ is planning to add three more phones to hunt for Pokemon. So, there will be 15 cellphone units that are used.

Guided Grandchildren

With the addition of the new cellphone, Chen must redeem his hobby by paying bills of up to Rp. 22 million per month.

But that is not a problem for him. Chen considers his hobby of hunting Pokemon to make it far from Alzheimer’s disease. He also has more friends.

Chen began to be addicted to playing Pokemon Go since 2016. At that time, he was taught by one of his grandchildren.


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