Tracking Criminals With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) can predict people’s behaviour through face recognition.

Through the feature, AI can help the police to identify the perpetrators of crime. The technology was called “gaydar” which in the past year was used to guess a person’s sexual orientation.

AI created by Stanford University academic, Michal Kosinski, said the face-reading technology is capable of detecting everything from political beliefs, sexual orientation to one’s IQ only through one photo scan.

Furthermore, Kosinski has the belief that “gaydar” technology can be applied to security systems.

Reported by the Daily Mail, according to Kosinski, this technology works by making changes in the face caused by testosterone levels in the body.

“We know that the hormone testosterone is associated with a tendency to do evil and testosterone is also associated with facial features Testosterone also affects other things, there are thousands or millions that we do not realize as a result of testosterone that here the computer is easily able to detect,” said Kosinski.

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Kosinski said CCTV cameras in the future should use face AI readers to find missing, trafficked, even potentially dangerous people.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that this technology could certainly be considered to violate someone’s privacy, but he also called this technology can save lives.

“It is conceivable to have diagnostic tools capable of monitoring the public spaces for potential threats to themselves or to others,” Kosinski said.

In the past year, Kosinski was in the spotlight when he published a study calling AI to determine if the person is gay or normal based on a single photo.

Research from Stanford University found that the algorithm “gaydar” can correctly determine the sexual orientation of men by 91 per cent and 83 per cent in women.

Kosinski also said the AI is able to guess the political views and intelligence levels of people only through facial photos. Political view, according to Kosinski is a thing inherited from parents. The political trend according to Kosinski is related to genetic factors that can be detected by AI based on face scans.

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